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Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics is where we began: we know it intimately and apply tailored strategies and reporting tools to improve efficiencies. Our unmatched depth of experience enable us to deliver business benefits sooner and with greater success.

A long and successful partnership

We’re proud that our roots are in the Transport and Logistics industry and that a key source of our growth is through repeat business and client referrals.

We have helped deliver business success for some of ANZ’s largest Transport and Logistics companies with our data and analytics expertise and relevant industry knowledge – ably demonstrated by the fact that we are still working with our very first client in this industry, constantly striving to improve their business and operations.

Services that improve performance

We understand the critical performance metrics that T&L companies need to monitor including turnaround times, equipment and capacity utilisation analysis, throughput and safety incident analysis (lead and lag indicators) and provide appropriate services that not only ensure benchmarks are maintained but that performance efficiencies and better business process solutions can be introduced.


Among our data and analytics toolkit we provide:

  • Information Management Strategy and Roadmaps

  • Data and Analytics Solutions

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Mobile Reporting

  • Health Checks

  • Application Support and Managed Services

Tangible outcomes for better business

The outcomes of our work are many and varied, and have impacted every area of business operation

  • Reduced capital expenditure through improved equipment/capacity utilisation

  • Improved profits through Customer/Port/Shift Profitability analysis

  • Provision of near-real time information to operational staff enabling better decisions and improved visibility of KPIs

  • Customer Path Reporting and Analysis that provided insights to assist in improving cross and up selling of products and services

  • Capacity usage optimisation, visualisation and reporting, which improved flight planning and assisted in maximising revenue from each flight

  • Conducted Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Health Checks and Solution Architecture for DWBI. This assessed if our clients were deriving optimal business benefit from their Business Intelligence investment

  • Custom mobile solution that delivers real-time performance Business Intelligence across the enterprise, which assisted with the streamlining of operational inefficiencies

  • Establishing and executing Information Management strategies which allowed a client to leverage their enterprise data to maximise profits

  • Build of a dashboard of Safety Lead indicators allowing all levels of the organisation to ensure that KPIs are met and the spotlight is kept on proactive actions

  • Provision of near-real time information to operational staff at terminals enabling better decisions and improved visibility of KPIs such as truck turnaround times

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