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Our experience delivering tailored solutions in the Health industry will empower you to drive outcomes. Using analytics we enable clients to gain new insights and understanding from their data that delivers improved patient/customer outcomes.

Channel the health data explosion

The volume and richness of health data is expanding. Hidden in that data is information you can use to identify efficiencies or to understand and improve your clients’ experience.

Acting on insights from your data could transform both your business and your clients’ lives.

Proven delivery

Daton Data consultants understand the priorities that drive the Healthcare industry. We can help you to improve outcomes and client satisfaction whilst managing costs and maximising funding.

Just a few examples of how we have assisted our Healthcare clients:

  • Enabled identification of medical device issues which lead to the recall of products.

  • Improved quality of reports and reduced report generation effort.

  • Analysis of new competitors in the marketplace.

  • Human Resources reporting available on mobile and web portals.

  • Participation in new government programs through providing required reporting.

Connect us to learn more about how our data and analytics skills can help build your competitive advantage.