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Daton Data is an artificial intelligence driven company focusing on providing the-state-of-art big data and data science solutions to our client in Retail, Supply Chain Management, Banking & Finance, Telecom and Bioinformatics.


Our specialties include Actuarial, Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Engineering, Customer Insights, Marketing Analysis, Business Intelligence, Campaigns, Advanced Modelling, Computer Vision, Natural Language Process, Client Management and Consulting with corresponding training programs. 

James Johnson
Founder and Principal

James Johnson brings a broad base of skills and knowledge spanning digital technology, strategy and business planning, user experience design and agile/lean development practices. He possesses an entrepreneurial drive to develop innovative new products while managing client needs and timeframes to broker complex relationships that evolve into real solutions. 

Kim Bailey
VP Marketing Director

Kim Bailey is professional in Marketing Technology development and implementation for Advertising and Brand Campaigns. She has an acute understanding of Digital Integration, Interactive Technologies, Marketing Activation and Sponsorship Strategy,  and an integrated understanding of Digital and Social marketing to maximise results and strategic alignment.

Brett Wang
Founder and Principal

Brett Wang is a young lead turned entrepreneur is the ocean of knowledge with strong academic background in Accounting, Management & Data-science. Brett is business graduate and worked for Bank of China, J.P Morgan, Macquaire Bank and BT Financial. 

Dr. Qinxue Meng
Principal Data Scientist

Dr. Qinxue Meng has over ten-year working experience in IT and previously worked for Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Cancer Insitute NSW, IBM, Infosys and so on.  He is also an honorary Adjunct Academic at University of Technology Sydney.