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To improve every aspect of your business by transforming it into a Data-Driven Enterprise, we closely focus on your key strategic goals, propose a clear, actionable roadmap and build measurement points to work with every team ensuring they have the analytics and mindset to continuously deliver improvement to achieve your business or financial goals.



We build end-to-end data solutions customised towards your business including traditional data confusion with ETL process, real-time / batched big data solutions in hadoop / spark infrastructure and data science solutions in computer vision and natural language processing.  Currently, we have worked with our business partners to design and build more than hundreds applications. 


Our training program caters for academics and industry professionals seeking to expand their analytics and data science expertise. We deliver a wide range of subjects, seminars, workshops and customised corporate courses. Each course consists of core and selective subjects based on theoretical and real-world analytics issues. Courses content can be adjusted to meet participant needs.